Do I have to set up an account to buy items?

There is no need to set up an account to purchase items, though it is more efficient if you are ordering more than once.

What is your delivery method?

We ship from Washington via USPS, FedEx or UPS.

How long does it take to ship?

See Shipping page for details.

What method of payment is used?

We do not store any credit card data. All payments are made by clicking PayPal Express Checkout. For those who do not want to create a PayPal account, simply click debit or credit card.

Do you have any discounts?

Free shipping on all orders over $50. We will also have promotional discounts on certain items throughout the year, so keep checking back!

Can I use King Soba noodles and ramen noodles for hot and cold recipes?

Yes! Our noodles and ramen noodles are extremely versatile. Use them for salads, Asian stir-fry recipes, Italian tomato or pesto based dishes, in soups or simply with a swirl of nut butter and a dash or coconut or olive oil. Check out our recipes page for ideas.

Do these noodles get mushy?

King soba gluten free noodles and ramen hold a firm texture as long as they are not overcooked. Cook them according to the time given in the instructions on the back of your package. We also recommend once you cook your noodles, to give them a good rinse in a colander. In Japan it is customary to vigorously rinse soba or buckwheat noodles. It is the general thought that rinsing removes any excess starch and also improves the flavor.
Before you plunge your noodles into boiling water, don’t forget to remove the individual ribbon ties that divide each potion in your package of noodles!

Does King Soba use any preservatives, additives, chemicals, colors or anything genetically engineered in any of your products?

All our products are natural, organic and non-GMO. We do not use any preservatives, chemicals or colorings. We keep as close to nature as possible.

Is your facility free of allergens?

Our facilities does not handle any foods containing gluten or wheat, however the facility may handle nuts and sesame products.

How do I know the expiration date of my product?

The expiration date is printed on the back of the package.

Are all your products vegan?

Yes. All King Soba products are free from dairy and eggs.

I have to watch my sodium count. Are your products low in sodium?

All our products are either sodium free or have very low sodium. No sodium is added to our products.


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