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Cooking Instructions for Flavorful Gluten Free Pasta

There are very few people who do not love pasta. It forms the basis for countless delicious dishes. The only problem is that traditional pasta contains gluten, which is incompatible with many diets. Luckily, buckwheat gluten free pasta is a convenient alternative, so just like with buckwheat noodles, you can still enjoy gluten free versions of your favorite meals.

What is buckwheat gluten free pasta?

Buckwheat may have wheat in its name, but it is actually more closely related to rhubarb. It was first cultivated in Asia thousands of years ago, but today it can be found all around the world. There is no gluten in buckwheat, meaning it is suitable for people with allergies or those who just prefer a gluten free diet. It is also high in fiber and has a low glycemic index. Buckwheat seeds have similar properties to other grains, so they have long been used as a source of flour. In China, Japan and Korea, this flour is then used to create noodles, while in Italy in particular, it can be used in certain types of pasta.

How do you cook buckwheat pasta?

Cooking instructions for buckwheat pasta itself are similar to those for any type of pasta or noodle. You basically place them in boiling water for a few minutes (depending on the instructions on your specific package) until they have softened but still have a little bite. You may need to reduce the heat slightly to prevent overcooking. When done, empty into a colander to drain, then rinse in cold water. They are then ready to be combined with other ingredients to create a tasty, healthy meal.

Meals using buckwheat pasta

If you are cooking buckwheat noodles, you can use them as a substitute for spaghetti in classic dishes such as bolognese and carbonara. After all, the long, thin shape is almost a perfect copy. For a bolognese, brown some ground beef, then add onion and garlic and gently saute. Add your other seasoning - maybe oregano or mixed herbs, perhaps a stock cube - and a can of diced tomatoes. Simmer for an hour, adding some chopped mushrooms 15 minutes before the end. Put your buckwheat pasta on the plate or in the bowl, then spoon the bolognese on top.

Like bolognese, carbonara can be made using dozens of different recipes. Generally, ingredients include egg, cheese (parmesan or pecorino) and cured pork (pancetta or bacon). Some versions may include cream, though this is less traditional. Cook the pasta, brown the meat, then add the raw egg and cheese to the hot pasta, along with some black pepper. Then add the meat and toss together for a completed dish.

There are also Italian dishes designed specifically for buckwheat pasta. For example, pizzoccheri is a pasta that appears similar to tagliatelle but is made with buckwheat. It is traditionally served with chard or cabbage, as well as cheese, garlic and butter.

A beautiful thing about buckwheat gluten free pasta is that in addition to being quick and easy to cook, it can be served with almost any combination of ingredients. Serve with your favorite pasta dishes, or experiment and make your own. You will soon be enjoying tasty, healthy and gluten free meals.