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How to Make Pad Thai Noodles Delicious

There are plenty of ways to make your Pad Thai noodles taste delicious. Here are some of our best ideas.

1. Where to buy Pad Thai noodles

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to buy quality noodles from the right supplier. At King Soba, we sell the finest organic, gluten-free Pad Thai noodles and a wide range of other delicious noodles to suit all dishes, tastes and dietary preferences. We work with trusted suppliers to use the finest ingredients, and our customers know that they will experience the King Soba difference when they choose our products! Buy good noodles, and your dishes will instantly taste better than they would have if you had used cheap, mass-produced and inauthentic alternatives.

2. Use the best ingredients

Traditional Pad Thai dishes use fresh, delicious ingredients such as chili pepper, lime and cilantro. Buy quality ingredients or source your own. For example, it's easy to grow cilantro on your windowsill so you know it's organic and fresh. When you use good ingredients in a simple dish, the resulting flavors really stand out. This definitely applies to ingredients such as peanuts and fish sauce, which can quickly go rancid.

3. Follow a recipe

Once you get used to cooking Pad Thai or your own Asian-inspired recipes, you will naturally learn more about the different combinations of flavors to use and the proportions in which they should be combined. But when you are starting out, remember that in addition to asking where to buy Pad Thai noodles for the best-quality results, you should also follow a recipe.

4. Respect the balance

We've looked at where to buy pad Thai noodles, how to select ingredients and the value of following a recipe. Let's now consider balance. Perfect Pad Thai involves a careful balance of salty, sweet, sour and hot. The salt comes from fish sauce, soy sauce and shrimp. The heat comes from chili peppers, the sour component comes from lime juice and tamarind, and sweetness comes from a little palm sugar or a similar sweetener. It is important to add this sweetness for balance; many beginner cooks leave it out and then can't understand why their recipe isn't authentic!

5. Follow cooking best practices

Not everyone likes the taste of small dried shrimp, although it is a traditional ingredient. If you aren't a fan, use fish sauce instead for the necessary saltiness and depth of flavor. Taste the dish just before you serve it to see if any extra fish sauce or lime juice is needed. It's important to cook your dish in a wok or a pan with a generous surface area or the noodles can stew and become soggy. Check that you are using high heat - everything should be cooked in no more than ten minutes. You shouldn't need to put oil on your noodles to prevent them from sticking if you rinse them properly beforehand. Oil becomes a barrier to the noodles and prevents them from absorbing the tasty sauce.

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