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King Soba - The Best Online Shop for Gluten Free Noodles

When it comes to food, we're fortunate to live in a truly globalized time in history. Today, we can eat as citizens of the world. For anyone who enjoys the experience of cooking and eating delicious, healthy food, that's a precious form of citizenship.

National and regional cuisines that evolved over centuries in isolation are now freely available across the globe. Even in the melting pot of the United States, with its rich and diverse immigrant culture, it is only relatively recently that what we might call "world food" has started breaking down cultural and gastronomic barriers. The Asian influence is massive, and with so many different types of noodles on store shelves these days, if you're looking for the healthiest option, you might need a little guidance on where to buy buckwheat noodles.

Don't feel daunted. Don't let the torrent of different types of noodles overwhelm you. You'll see ramen, egg, mung bean, hokkien, shirataki, white rice, and brown rice. They're all great: delicious, healthy, easy to cook and convenient. But one noodle in particular is perfect if you're looking for a no-risk, gluten free option: buckwheat. Despite what its name implies, buckwheat isn't wheat at all. Just as tomatoes, zucchinis and peppers aren't vegetables but fruits, buckwheat isn't a cereal - it's a fruit seed. And the nutty flavor and soft texture it produces make the buckwheat variety a prime candidate for king of the noodles.

Where to buy buckwheat noodles?

That sounds easy, right? You can walk down the Asian aisle in any supermarket or head into the nearest Asian grocery store, and you'll be falling over noodles wherever you turn. You have probably heard that soba noodles are what you need, so that's what you'll be after. Although it's true that soba noodles are traditionally made with buckwheat flour, you'll often find brands that contain a combination of buckwheat and genuine wheat, which may make them slightly easy to handle in cooking but completely negates the health benefits that you're expecting.

Ask the experts where to buy buckwheat noodles

You could ask the store's managers for advice, but how can you be sure that they understand the importance of your questions? To them, soba probably means buckwheat because it says buckwheat on the label. The only way to be sure that you're getting the product you need, as in all things, is to go to an expert.

At King Soba, we live and breathe noodles. It is our passion, our business and our life. But one big difference between us and our competitors is that our entire noodle range - and it's a big range - is completely wheat free and gluten free. Take your pick from noodles made with various blends of rice, buckwheat, quinoa and sweet potato. All of it is designed with both health and taste in mind.

When you see the word "buckwheat", you know that's exactly what you're getting. Not only are buckwheat noodles great for celiacs and allergy sufferers, in addition to being full of protein, fiber and essential minerals, they're also kosher. If you want to know where to buy buckwheat noodlesKing Soba is the answer.