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Make Your Meal Savory and Delicious with Asian Gluten free Noodles

Food allergies have existed for as long as humankind. The extent of the incompatibility of particular foods with certain people’s metabolisms was unknown for centuries, but we now live in a highly enlightened age. Allergies or intolerance to certain types of food are taken extremely seriously because they can pose a severe health risk. Nut allergies were perhaps the first to make headlines in recent decades, and they have proven many times to be fatal.

Many other allergies can have debilitating effects, and one of the highest-profile food allergies is a gluten allergy, or Celiac disease. Gluten is a protein that occurs in many different grains and cereals. Anything made from grain, such as bread, pasta, cakes or pizza, will contain gluten. As its name suggests, it is the glue that binds food together. The most commonly used gluten-rich grain is wheat.

Thankfully, huge resources have been invested in food technology research to develop gluten free alternatives in an ever-growing number of food categories. You only have to wander the aisles of your local supermarket to see the extent of the gluten free ranges now available.

What are Asian gluten free noodles?

Yet gluten free foods still have an image problem. They sound scientific rather than savory and virtuous rather than tempting. Even its name makes it sound as if it has something missing. Alcohol-free lager? Sugar-free chocolate? Gluten free noodles? No thanks.

But that is just one of the many myths that need to be busted. It makes much more sense to focus on what you gain from gluten free food than what you think you are losing. In fact, if you’re cooking Asian recipes, you’ll find that Asian gluten free noodles are a perfect ingredient or accompaniment. They are generally thought to be indistinguishable in taste and texture from the conventional kind. The absence of gluten will not harm your enjoyment of the wonderful spiced freshness of Asian food.

The benefits of Asian gluten free noodles

Now that we’ve removed the threat of allergic reaction, let’s think about the other advantages. Asian gluten free noodles are not only suitable for Celiacs; there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that everyone can benefit from the gluten free option. Nutritional scientists have found evidence to suggest that a low-gluten diet that is rich in fiber can actually modify the structure and function of the good bacteria in the digestive system. This is thought to help prevent feelings of bloating, alleviate joint inflammation and may even assist weight loss. Some authorities believe that reducing your gluten intake can boost your energy levels.

Science is evolving all the time, but what’s certain is the ready availability of a variety of tasty, nutritious and satisfying noodles. Primary ingredients include rice and sweet potato as well as the food of Chinese emperors, black rice. Asian noodles are often made from the confusingly-named buckwheat, which is actually a fruit seed from the rhubarb family.

Since noodles are an essential part of Asian cuisine, it is only right that connoisseurs should have access to healthy, tasty alternatives to the traditional noodle. They taste absolutely delicious and may be doing your body a world of good.