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Useful Things to Know about Vermicelli Noodles

Although many people think vermicelli noodles are just like spaghetti, there are some important differences. “Vermicelli”, like many pasta words, is Italian, and this one means “little worms.” Thankfully, vermicelli noodles are much more appetizing than their namesake! It is similar to spaghetti, but vermicelli noodles are much thinner. Across Asia, vermicelli is a very fine type of noodle that has a firm place in the menus and cuisine. Of course, being an Asian take on an Italian name, Asian vermicelli noodles are often made with rice or mung beans rather than pasta, but the ‘little worm’ comparison remains.

Rice vermicelli is a key ingredient in Asian cuisine, especially in Vietnam. Although one might assume that spaghetti and other pasta dishes should be served hot, Vietnamese vermicelli dishes are just as likely to be served cold. This might be in a summer roll, perhaps with prawns or pork, and then tossed with salads and spices. It makes these noodles a very versatile ingredient that can be consumed in a range of dishes.

Rice vermicelli are made from just water and rice and packed in nests that are easily broken up either before or during cooking.

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Gluten free

Vietnamese rice vermicelli noodles are a convenient option for those looking for a gluten free option for pasta dishes. In addition, they are easy to cook and very quick - they need just a few minutes in a pan of hot water before being added to a stir-fry dish with vegetables and chicken or a vegetarian alternative.

Before you buy vermicelli noodles

You know now that vermicelli are popular noodles used as a staple across much of Asia, especially Vietnam, Thailand and China. They are high in carbohydrates and therefore calorie-dense, but there is virtually no trace of fat in them, and when they are produced, they are very low in salt. They do not contain cholesterol, and in moderation, vermicelli can be an excellent option as part of a healthy, balanced diet. They contain roughly 3.8 calories for each gram, and you can balance them with foods with low energy density. Broccoli is a good example; it's easy to stir fry and contains just half a calorie for every gram.

Because vermicelli is calorie-dense, they may not fill you up as well as other noodles, so eating them in a soup is therefore a good idea as the liquid element is likely to fill you up. Vermicelli noodles are an excellent source of carbohydrates, and everyone needs around 80 to 100g of carbs each day as they are our primary source of energy.

These noodles do not contain all the fiber you need in a day, so eating vermicelli with vegetables is a good idea, and a stir fry is an easy option for that. Extra flavor can be added with your vegetables or meat, or you can add soy sauce if you’re looking for a salty flavor.