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What are the Nutritional Food Values of Vermicelli Noodles?

The delicate, soft noodles that fill the bottom of your Vietnamese noodle bowl are vermicelli rice noodles, and they are used widely in Asian dishes, including Chinese and Thai, as well as Vietnamese food. Made from ground rice, they can use both brown rice and white rice - depending on the type you choose. King Soba vermicelli noodles are all made from brown rice and offer a number of nutritional benefits.

From a basic nutritional perspective, when you buy vermicelli rice noodles, you are getting a useful calorie hit and an ingredient that is naturally high in carbohydrates. At the same time, these noodles are low in sodium and nearly entirely fat-free. These versatile Asian cooking essentials are valued throughout the world for adding a little starch and texture to otherwise light meals, and they provide an excellent source of calories for people wishing to avoid too many alternative high-fat or animal protein ingredients.

What nutrition are you getting when you buy vermicelli noodles?

Let's take a closer look at the nutritional composition of vermicelli noodles. In a serving of about 56 grams, you will get around 214 calories, making these noodles an energy-dense food. Vermicelli noodles offer about 3.8 calories per gram. However, these vermicelli noodles are usually served in Asian soups, such as Vietnamese Pho, or more complete meals with nutrient-dense vegetables, protein and meat, making for a delicious and wholesome meal packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and essential micronutrients.

King Soba vermicelli noodles are made from brown rice, which is rich in a variety of nutrients including plant lignans. Plant lignans are believed to have a protective benefit for humans and help to safeguard against heart disease. Brown rice is also high in essential magnesium - which most of us are deficient in - and manganese. Brown rice retains its fibrous bran husk, making it a high-fiber ingredient that may also help to lower your cholesterol. You'll get around 2g of fiber in a small 56g serving. Some people prefer to choose brown rice vermicelli noodles to benefit from this fiber content, which delivers a lower GI blood sugar response.

These noodles are also naturally low in sodium, so when you buy vermicelli noodles, you’re getting a product that’s lower in salt, which is better for your blood pressure and heart. A 50g serving contains about 10mg of sodium. They are also naturally low in fat, so the noodles are ideal if you are trying to follow a low-fat diet.

Buy vermicelli noodles for versatility

Vermicelli noodles have a light and mild flavor and work brilliantly in a range of dishes, both hot and cold. You can further maximize their nutritional value by serving these noodles as a base for some flavorful nutrient-rich soups, stir-fries or sauce-based Asian dishes packed with garlic, spices, healthy fats and nutrient-dense vegetables. Asian cuisine is considered by many people to be one of the healthiest in the world, and noodles provide a fantastic base for Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese and all other Asian dishes. Why not try these noodles as a base for salads, with plenty of crunchy fresh vegetables, some fresh ginger, perhaps some peanuts or cashews, and fresh cilantro for great flavor and a powerful nutrient punch?