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Why are Brown Rice Noodles Gaining Popularity as the Most Nourishing Fast Food?

Health food can be tricky. On one hand, you have heavily processed, packaged goods being touted as "health" foods when they are actually just empty blends of calorie-reduced sweeteners and flour. These kinds of nutritionally devoid snacks provide very little nourishment and leave us feeling hungry and unsatisfied.

The important thing is to find healthy food that is genuinely nourishing. This means food that provides a great mix of macro and micronutrients - think sustaining and slow-release carbohydrates for energy, protein for muscle health, and healthy fats for optimum system health. Those micronutrients - another word for vitamins - are also best taken from food sources rather than as synthetic additives.

These considerations invariably lead to the conclusion that home-cooked, nutrient-dense dishes packed with a balance of different natural ingredients is going to be best for our health and wellbeing.

Why are noodles a great choice?

Nothing beats the health, wellbeing, and deliciousness of Asian-inspired dishes made from brown rice noodles. The great thing about brown rice noodles is that they are made from brown rice containing whole germ for fiber, while preserving all the natural vitamins that are present in brown rice, including vitamin B.

Brown rice noodles are also extremely low in fat and high in energy-giving carbohydrates, but with a low glycemic index. This means that brown rice noodles are sustaining and give you prolonged, gradual energy without that spike that you can get from refined carbs - with the initial spike in energy and a rapid crash that sees you falling asleep at your desk a couple of hours later!

A valuable ingredient

Even better, noodles are the natural base for a highly nutritious, energy-giving and delicious meal. You can combine them with all sorts of ingredients - such as ginger, garlic and fish sauce as a basis, plenty of vegetables that you have sautéed rapidly at high heat in a wok, and some protein such as meat, fish, nuts or tofu.

Nourishing brown rice noodles are also extremely easy to cook and prepare - simply follow the instructions on the package when you buy noodles online, and boil them rapidly in water for a few short minutes before adding to your dish. Some varieties come ready-cooked, so you can simply throw them into your wok with your other ingredients and create a wonderful meal in no time at all.

Why buy noodles online?

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